Snopeke has been breeding and exhibiting in CFA exclusively since 1990.  We are located in Canton, Michigan about 45 minutes south of Detroit.

I am willing to help new exhibitors & interested parties, contact Denise at

#734-765-5671 or


Snopeke has been home to the following 18 grands:

  GC, RW Myteenice Why Not of Snopeke

  GC, RW Nook Ooh La La of Snopeke

  GC, RW Crishon Musette

  GC Snopeke L'Amour

  GC Snopeke One & Only

  GC Snopeke Moses

  GC Snopeke Ya Can't Touch This

  GC Skyhy Jackie of Nook

  GC Nook Savanna

  GC Nook Francois

  GC Nook Tara

  GC Crishon Bit O Heaven of Snopeke

  GC Mollycoddled Geminidream of Snopeke

  GC Ver Halen Sneak Preview

  GC SanLuis ScottFree

  GC Snopeke All That

  GC Nook Bijou

  GC Fancee That I'll Be Dreamin



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