Snopeke Pekingese started accidentally one day when I was surfing the web looking at Pekingese just for fun as I breed & show Persians and the standard is very similar-I stumbled across Londu Pekingese and under the puppy page there was a photo of a fawn girl stacking herself for show and it was love at first sight-under her the caption said  Anyone for a show pup? The money was instantly on it's way and I had a cat friend pick her up for me so she didn't have to fly when I held her in my hands I thought How could I be so lucky?  I called her Londu Peek-a-boo as her face was the most precious thing I ever saw  Peek-a-boo turned into a sleeve topping out at a little over 5 lbs. We sadly lost her in an accident and to this day I still can't talk about it because it upsets me too much & she is always in my heart & mind.

I found a male from

Quidnunc kennel with a short, cobby body & nice head. His name is Quidnunc I`ll Shoot the Moon (we call him Obi-like Obi wan kano be from star wars as his face is so comical)I would have shown him but he is such a happy fellow I cant get him to stop bouncing around like a rabbit.(giggles)

Obi weighs in at 10.9 lbs with a nice head and barrel chest.

Next I found a cream girl from Jean Hileman of Desert Jade a cute little thing named Desert Jade Sirocco Sachet-Sassy weighs 6.9 lbs & we are crossing our fingers that she will be having babies soon with Obi.

I had also put in to be on a waiting list with Quidnunc for a super white female if they got any down the road & I got an email with a photo of the cutest white girl & you know I had to have it so I put a deposit on that girl (we call her Quidnunc Avalanche-Ava for short) thinking I must be out of my mind-meanwhile I am always searching the web watching what is being produced I stumbled across another white female pup from a nice lady I talked to about specializing in whites when I was starting to study pedigree & bloodlines –I wrote to her & that pup was still available so again out goes another deposit( her name is Hanes Mill Love At First Sight-Luvy for short) -just by co-incidence all these pedigrees seem to be heavy with Desert Jade or Windemere. Still always looking,I found Windemere Paler Shade of White for sale by Dreamcatcher Pekingese & I think to myself “I must be the luckiest person on earth! I will also be attempting to champion  Pallie  if I can some how teach him that showing is fun.

It is my passion that started as a hobby and then turns into an Obsession: which will no doubt be the name of one of my own puppies down the road if & when I am so blessed.

If you do contact me for one of my babies please know that before I purchased I had studied pedigrees until I could see them in my sleep. I believe in quality NOT quantity so if you think you will come to me for a cheap baby and breed it you are sadly mistaken. I will not place anything with my name on it (or the well respected breeders in the pedigree before me) on it with breeding rights that will not be able to compete in the ring. I have paid TOP dollar for my lines so that I breed according to AKC standard so do not ask me to deal on price as I will be insulted & you will not get one of my babies- price includes shipping.

*My pets are $1500 (all altered BEFORE leaving)

*Breeding/show is $1800-2500

*Show /top show is $2500-3500

*I will accept mc/visa thru PayPal with 4% surcharge.


Please educate yourself BEFORE your purchase as many sites I have seen the puppies are obviously not purebred yet advertised as such. Also they will state no champion bloodline, no champion sire yet show quality ,chances are this is not true & you will be ripped off. Many registry associations unless AKC will allow a mix to be registered as whatever the owner says it is-do not be fooled. You will get what you pay for and yes you will pay more for a quality animal but you can rest assured a good breeder will want to know who you are , want references and will stand behind their animals regarding health etc. A backyard breeder will sell you something dirt cheap  let you breed it and ask you no questions except when are you sending the money. (consider you spend $300 on a pet then months down the road the pup becomes sick with parvo or some other disease or congenital defect and all of a sudden you are into thousands in vet bills because now you love this baby and you have no health guarantee nor will the breeder return your phone calls.)

I am always willing to talk to people regarding my animals. If interested please feel free to call Denise at #734-765-5671

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